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Dental implants in Buxton

If you're unhappy with your dentures or toothless jaw, a dental implant might be the solution.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that replace your missing teeth. The dentist inserts the implants into your jaw bone, where the titanium then fuses with the bone. 

Just like your tooth root did before, these implants then build a stable base for a bar, an overdenture, or other types of restorations, which will become the visible part of your new teeth. Dental implants are very small, normally around 10 mm long and only 3-5 mm wide at the top.
Usually, each tooth is replaced with one implant per tooth. But if you need to replace many missing teeth or even an entire jaw, there are other solutions. Depending on the condition of your jaw bone and gum, as little as two to four dental implants can already restore your upper or lower jaw with a set of fixed teeth. Often this can be more cost-effective for you.

Why choose dental implants?

For teeth that look and feel like your own

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Dental implants are widely considered to be the most successful method of tooth replacement used today, because they give a number of benefits to patients.

A dental implant looks and feels just like your natural tooth. The color, shape and contour of the new tooth can be made to match. The result is a natural smile, that can bring back your confidence and quality of life. With your new teeth sparkling on the outside, you will soon feel a smile coming back on the inside.

Did you have to give up on some of your favorite dishes since you lost your teeth? Or do you feel self-conscious when talking to your colleagues and friends, because missing teeth or dentures make it more difficult to speak clearly?

Dental implants bring back the full function of natural teeth. So no matter how hard, crunchy or sticky the food, dental implants can put it back on your menu. And they can restore your clear speech for the next business presentation or long chats with your friends.

Other restoration methods often require neighboring teeth to be ground down to anchor the restoration in your mouth. Dental implants do not harm neighboring teeth.

Since dental implants are fixed to your jaw bone, they are usually more stable, more comfortable, and long-lasting than other restorations. On top of that, dental implants are made of biocompatible materials, which means that your body tolerates them.

Dental implants are very durable. With proper care and good oral hygiene, implants will last for many years or even a lifetime. Decades of research have gone into their functionality and stability since the first patient received modern dental implants in 1965.

Implant treatment can be considered a long-term investment into your health and your well-being – in short, an investment into your life. Compared to other restorations, costs can seem higher at first glance. However, higher maintenance costs, the potential increase in lost jaw bone, and, ultimately, the loss of even more teeth can make other restorations more expensive in the long run.

Implant retained crowns and bridges.

Implant retained crowns

Implant retained crowns can be the ideal way to replace a missing tooth. It is the nearest thing to a like for like tooth. It is fixed to your jaw bone, avoids the need for preparation of your healthy adjacent teeth as in a conventional bridge and feels and looks like your natural tooth.Replacing a missing teeth is important for many reasons.Losing a tooth has an effect on neighbouring teeth, they can shift or even collapse, opposing teeth can grow into the gap, making it difficult or even impossible to replace in future. Your jaw bone starts shrinking and the gum pulls back accordingly.Missing teeth and bone can no longer support your lips from the inside, and your face will change and look older and wrinkly. Your cheeks and lips are left without support and become hollow and saggy.You may start to avoid eating certain foods that have become difficult to eat. You may become self conscious and avoid certain situations in everyday life.


A bridge is a set of natural looking replacement teeth. Securing a bridge on one or more dental implants avoids the need to grind healthy adjacent teeth.This treatment option:
  • helps to replace multiple missing adjacent teeth
  • helps to prevent teeth from moving
  • ensuring chewing function is restored and
  • counteracting further bone loss via bone stimulation while chewing

With only four dental implants, we can restore a complete jaw of missing teeth.

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